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Graffiti Scratch Removal from glass

We remove graffiti scratches from glass.

We remove post-construction scratches from glass, Graffiti etching, Graffiti scratches, and hard water stains from glass. The best way to protect your glass from graffiti is with our anti-graffiti film application. Our film is a durable graffiti protective coating window film applied to the exterior of your window.

Hard Water Stain Removal

Hard water stains are an eye sore to your home or business. Shower doors can be very difficult to remove on your own. We use a special process that brings your glass back to its full shine. Outside sprinklers can destroy the look of your business’s glass. Let’s get rid of it now!

Hard water stain removal
Privacy film on glass

Window Tinting & Privacy Film

Rejecting heat is an essential part of maintaining the temperature in your home. In a commercial aspect it protects your investments. Such as clothing furniture and flooring.  One of the leading culprits in fading your valuables is ultraviolet light. Let us help protect your valuables.

Privacy film does not need to be boring! CC Surface Restoration knew the artists of the co-op would like more than just film for some privacy. We added some artist flair to the film and the artists loved it! 

The majority of our customers are commercial property and homeowners. Storefront glass is the most vulnerable. It only takes a second for someone to scratch or acid-etch the damage onto your glass. If you choose to not remove the graffiti you stand the chance of someone else adding their sign (TAG NAME) to the glass. You have three options. Replace the glass, restore the glass or keep the damaged glass the way it is.
The best option is to restore the glass. It’s 70% less than replacing it. It’s much faster and less of a hassle.

Post-construction scratches are becoming more and more common. They are generally caused by washing the windows during or after construction incorrectly. The home is all complete and the only thing on the punch list is getting rid of scratches on all the windows. Again, you can replace them or restore them. We have saved contractors thousands of dollars from not having to replace scratched brand-new windows.
When we are all done restoring your windows we leave the area cleaner than we found it. 

Additional information as to how this is done is found on our FAQ page