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Acid Etch Removal for graffiti on glass

Acid Etch Removal

Increase sales! Much easier to sell your products when customers can see them.

Glass scratch removal

Removing graffiti scratches from glass panels that line the escalators at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Ca.

hard water removal

Hard water stain removal

If you have hard water stains on your shower, outside windows or any other glass surface, we can remove them.

commercial window tinting

Acid etch graffiti

A total of 8 window restored back to new without having to add glass to a landfill.

CC Surface Restoration working at the Los Angeles Athletic Club

Glass scratch removal

We restored over 15 windows at this location and applied anti graffiti film to 75 windows and doors. We saved LA Athletic Club over $20,000


Acid etch is another form of graffiti. It is a chemical that eats a layer of glass away leaving a dull permanent mark on the


Acid etch is another form of graffiti damage. It eats layers of glass away then leaves a dull section wherever it was applied. Save money


Removing hard water stains can be easy or difficult depending on how bad the damage is. Worst case scenario you will have to call us

Glass scratch removal

Hard water stains can build up over time. Stay ahead of it and remove them as soon as you can.

Chipped glass panel solution

You can never make it look new again and there will be some distortion with that amount of glass missing from that area in the